Friday, March 10, 2017

My Tangelo

The Tangelo
My juice tangelo.File:Minneola fruit 3.jpg
As I felt the tangelo it was really hard like a orange and not that perfect.

Then I had looked around it all I could see is dirt and a bright color orange and when I had peeled the skin off the tangelo and then some juice off the skin had went into my eye and then my eye got sore when I had peeled it all I took a bite of it and then all the juice just come pouring out of the nice tangelo and all the juice I went all over the place but I enjoyed it so much I wanted another one but I wasn't aloud to so I had another one at lunch time.

This is my tangelo description writing.I was learning to do my similes and  Metaphors .I also used the five sense to help me write my tangelo story it helps me get all the information  from my tangelo when I ate it it was sweet and tasted yuck but i loved it and it was nice.


  1. Hi Cilla,
    I am Fifita from Panmure Bridge School. I really like your little paragraph of similes and metaphors. Maybe next time you should add a little bit more of information and maybe take a photo of you eating it. Keep up the great work Cilla.
    From: Fifita

  2. Hello my name is fatongia I like how you write about the tangelo juice and it looks like a orange but can you change your photo